Spring is just around the corner

Posted on March 13, 2016 at 10:23 am by Captain No Comment

These first couple weeks of March have given the UP lots of hope for a early spring! Yesterday we had temps in the sixties, lots of snow melted and a lot of sap was pouring out of the maples. Its time to put away the winter toys and get ready for spring.

With most of the roads free of snow the crowds are coming out of winter hibernation. There is a few people that get out on the river for some good brown trout fishing, and some awesome catches of steelhead before the melt gets to heavy. I went just the other day and only a couple fish got pulled out of the river. The river is clouding up due to the melt of snow. A few persistent anglers will pull some fish out but will have to work their spots hard.

The sun was out yesterday melting the snow away and showing all those hidden treasures from the winter. I also realized that I’ve got some prep work todo before the season starts. Time to get out the rods and reels to see what needs to be replaced. Lots of fresh line will be spooled on the reels, leaders and swivels will also be check and made sure to be in working order. It sure would be a bummer if one broke on a dandy spring Chinook. I also look forward to adding a couple new lures to the line up. Colors and patterns only sell the fisherman I would say, but they do a good job of catching fish too. Finn Spoons here in Marquette, Michigan are one of my favorite spoons in the water. And for a good reason, if I had to guess they account for 80% or so of my catches on Lake Superior. Even better yet one that is given a chance every trip is a plain jane copper spoon.

What ever your poison be enjoy it spring, summer and lots of open water fishing is on its way!

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