Salmon season is starting up!!!

Posted on April 30, 2014 at 11:43 am by Captain No Comment

With along winter under our belt. We are starting to see snow melt and sending a surge of water through the river to begin the river runs. This fast moving water is making it hard for the brook trout fishers to fish their hot spots. How ever it’s sending out some tempered water into Lake Superior . Steelhead and coho salmon are getting drawn in by this water and will make for some great near shore fishing. A lot of locals like to troll the river mouths for these “jacks” and one of my favorite ways to catch them is by casting, simply anchoring in shallow water near the current and casting 3/4oz spoons. These are not usually monster catches but light tackle make for a fun day on the water!

It’s always a safe bet to double, triple check your boat for safety gear. Many of us are getting the boat out for the first time so it’s a good idea to go through your inventory and make sure it’s all there in working order. This time of year can be unforgiving with cold air temps and even colder water with currents moving fast.

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