Muskie Season is open

Posted on May 20, 2013 at 9:27 am by Captain No Comment

The opening of Walleye, Pike, and Muskie started on May 15th. The usual trip down to Crystal Falls went of with out a hitch! We got to the cabin on the 14th, and woke up to some good wind whipping from the north. I boated the first Muskie within 10 minutes of getting out, a nice 34″ fish. It took a little while to get number two in the boat and it measured 33″. Caught a two more for the day that were 32″ and 30″.

With these smaller size fish we had a few variables that we needed to think of : one are the big fish deeper? (we caught all these fish so far in water less then 4′)  : two are we here at spawning time? Typical Muskie spawning temps are 48 to 59 degrees. The temps we are at is 52 degrees at the surface, which means probably 50 degrees at 8 foot depth, and the rivers are spring feed which keeps them cooler.

So we started to fish deeper and work the 6 to 12 foot depths. Indeed we did start moving larger fish in the 38″ to 45″ class. Most of them were close on the bait, but not a feeding frenzy. That’s probably due to the water temps and getting ready to make there spawning journey.

So we ended the “Opener Trip” with a total of  8 Muskies, I believe 36″ was the biggest in the boat and a 26″ Tiger was the smallest. Also picked up a few northern pike 28″ and 31″. I picked up a gopro camera and got some footage I put together and post that when I’m done editing. The only current picture I have is the Tiger, healthy looking little fish!

Tiger Muskie, small but healthy

Tiger Muskie, small but healthy

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