Mid winter

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 9:05 am by Captain No Comment

This is turning into another unusual winter. We have had a couple of warm spells, and even a little bit of rain. Those that enjoy river fishing are pretty excited! The rivers have been turning on and winter steelhead are getting caught. If you pick the right river a trophy brown could be on your line. These are signs that spring is near.

Lake Superior is looking pretty good not a whole lot for ice build up so we should be good to go early this year. That’s keeping in mind we still have a couple good snow storms to fight through, but once we get past them the lake should be fairly ice free.Red fin

I be itching to get Quincy D out to chase those early spring salmon. The Chinook Salmon or the King Salmon hang closer to shore and show them selves in the spring and is one of the best times to target them on the southern shore of Lake Superior. Lake Trout also sneak up onto sand bars near shore. They’re looking for spawning grounds and chasing their food supply. These Lakers are a blast to catch and often weigh on the heavy side. Over the years I’ve noticed that lake trout in 60′ or less tend to put up a good fight, not sure what it is could just be they are feeding heavy and are aggressive or maybe water temps. But I do know its a blast to get out fishing after a long winter and wait for that shout… FISH ON!!!

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