Happy New Year

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Well to wrap up the year… The summer was fantastic to say the least. I took a trip out to Smithers, B.C. in June and got to fish out of Prince Rupert. It was an experience Ill be looking to have again. They fish salmon a little different, and the fishing spot if its good fills up quickly. Must have been a couple times I felt like I could’ve  handed a beer to the boat next to us! The boat captains all respected each other and stayed clear of “fish on” boats. So this trip with my good friend Anton we got to catch pacific king salmon, coho salmon, ling cod, rock fish, and halibut all in the same day! Now if I could only find a couple good pike or musky lakes up there I may not have came back!

With the trip to B.C. the boat didn’t get put in Lake Superior until the end of June. For the most part I was ok with that due to knowing the salmon didn’t show up in good numbers. It was another great spring for near shore lake trout fishing. Several fish over 25lbs. got caught this spring. Lucky for me they stuck around most of the year and we seemed to have stayed on them. Most trips yielded a couple coho usually on the smaller side 2-3

Captain's King

Captain’s King

lbs but they are tasty treats and always great to have salmon sticking around the area.


We also had a great fall with temperatures above average, plenty of sunshine and even the seas stayed calm…. If I only knew that I would have left the boat in to make up for all that time missed this spring! Got to catch up with a few regulars which is always nice, and got to meet lots of new anglers! One of the things I enjoy about being a captain is meeting new people, sharing stories, catching fish and making new friends!

Hope you enjoyed your year and I look forward to hearing from you all.




Anton's King

Anton’s King

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