Good Steelhead Fishing @ the rivers.

Posted on April 23, 2013 at 6:52 pm by Captain No Comment

Well the cycle seems to be starting for spring. The Carp river and the Dead river are pulling in some good Steelhead fishing, and the Chocolay river is holding quite a few Brown trout. With all this rain and snow starting to melt we can expect the Chocolay river will be to high to fish soon.

This also tells us that the Coho salmon aka Jacks are hanging close to Lake Superior shore line. Some of the areas best salmon fishing is gonna start real soon. Looks like I should be getting  the big boat out in a week, still have my fingers crossed just in case. I should be able to install the new auto pilot system, and do a few other things in a few days and then down to the water.

I’m looking forward to getting on the water, as most of us are. I’ll be participating in the South Shore’s spring shoot out, and be defending the trout category and going after the top salmon spot. That tournament is planned to take place May 11th, more information can be found at .


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