Fishing doing good locally!

Posted on June 21, 2013 at 9:40 am by Captain No Comment

Mid June is here and its been enjoyable to say the least. The weather in marquette has been fair, and fairly cold. Only a few days have past 75 degrees which keeps water temps in check for the area. There is still plenty of Salmon to be caught right in the area! The water has been very calm and pollen is sitting¬†stagnant on the surface. So I’ve been out following where the surface current meets the still water and that seems to be doing good for stealhead and coho salmon.

The over cast days have been better producing since these fish tend to be in the top 50 feet of water and also noticed the bite has been a little later this year. So that’s a bonus to some, you don’t have to get up and out of bed at 5 am!

Got out fathers day for a morning fish with “pops” and my sister. Flat lake sunny and warm great day for fishing, not to mention a few fish got taken in for dinner! Also had Doug and Ruthette Mills on the water for some fathers day fun. Doug got to reel in a bruiser of a stealhead weighed roughly 9lbs! That was one of those fishing trips where only one rod out of 6 caught fish. Guess that’s how it goes sometimes!

Couple more trips this weekend then it starts getting real busy for July, so if you looking to get out on Lake Superior for a little fishing adventure give us a call dates are filling up!

fishing fathers day

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