Stannard Rock Charters

Are you after trophy Lake Trout? Then Stannard Rock is your best choice!

Stannard Rock is roughly 40 miles off shore and home to trophy Lake Trout, with a record fish caught at over 60 lbs! These giant Trout live along the underwater mountain range that creates the ideal marine terrain for these huge fish.

Out at The Rock (as it is known to locals) Lake Superior Sport Fishing will set you up with the rig best suited to catch the big fish, whether it is vertical jigging with spinning gear, a 3oz. jig with cut bait, and/or sight casting over the reefs with spoons. The light tackle rods spooled with Power Pro makes this a “Fish-On!” story you won’t forget. Captain Reid uses top-notch Okuma equipment to catch these trophy fish.

Stannard Rock is about an hour and forty minute boat ride from Marquette’s harbor. You will know you’re getting close when you see the famous Light House peeking over the horizon. The trip is worth it not just for the big fish, but also for the scenic beauty of the rocks and water. On calm days you can see the rock reefs and the Lake Trout that inhabit them at depths of over 40 feet.

This is a full day adventure and bottled water and some snacks will be provided. Other food items can be added at your request. Please feel free to bring your own food and beverages as well.

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