April snow showers

Posted on April 10, 2016 at 10:07 am by Captain No Comment

March was giving us hope and it looks like April has a different date for spring. The rivers are happy with fisherman pulling fish from the deep pools. Or if you are one to chase sap from maple trees you are having a good year too! Quincy D is hopefully all set for the year with only a couple things needed before season starts.

One of the benefits of April snow showers is the brown trout, I’ve found out that I do really well for browns on a snow stormy day. Its always a treat to see that golden brown speckled monster land in your net. They fight a little bit different from the steelies, you don’t get the acrobatic show but they give a good fight pound for pound. It feels like they are trying in dig into the sand and hide.

Maple syrup fresh from the tree is hard to beat. the trees have been producing sap for about a month now. I was worried that I missed it when a neighbor said he had collected 300+ gallons of sap, and I was just setting my taps that day. I have yet to start the boil but I plan on having about a gallon after said and done. Last year I produced a beer with the maple sap, sap tappin porter I named it. So what’s better then boiling sap and having a delicious home brew? Probably lots but it might take the cake the day it goes down!

Quincy D is still in storage, mostly due to the fact there is still 4′ of snow in front of the door. Hopefully soon she’ll get out and enjoy some sun and fresh air. I’m hoping to have some cosmetic things done such as updated graphics, and I’ve thought about tinting the windows for those super bright days. Other then that I think its oil changes for the engines and I also need a new alternator for one of the engines.



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